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Medicare Insurance Broker

Julianne Dickey 805.441.9093

Trusted Medicare Insurance Consultant 

Julianne Dickey, Trusted Medicare Insurance Broker

Simplifying the Medicare Experience

When you hear the word "Medicare", does it prompt confusion? Well, we care! WE CARE MEDICARE is here to simplify the process and explain it in terms you understand. With over 13 years of experience as an insurance agent and broker here on the Central Coast, I have specialized in retirement planning. Assisting you with start to finish Medicare signup along with your additional insurance needs and financial future is my goal for every client. Medicare insurance is one of the most important decisions you will make in retirement. Having extensive access to various companies with diverse products, I will alleviate any confusion and give professional recommendations. I truly give my everything to make sure you have peace of mind. Yes, we care!

The 4 Parts of Medicare

4 Parts of Medicare

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Providing Insurance and Financial Solutions Protecting
You and Your Loved Ones through the Most Trusted Companies
in the Retirement Care Industry.
Guaranteeing all of our Clients the Peace of Mind
They Deserve.

Financial Services

Experience You Can Trust

Financial Security

Protecting Your Health &
Medicare Insurance Consultation

Planning Your Estate



-Retirement Income


-Emergency Funds

With years of experience, I help people protect their assests and maximize their retirement goals.


- Crtical Illnes

- Medicare; Parts A,B, C and D

- Hospitals/Doctors

- Prescriptions

I usually evaluate 2 things:

- Health needs

- Affordability 


- Final Expenses

- Spousal Support

- Gifting

- Taxes


Good financial planning strategies always include what your leave behind as a legacy.

Preserving Freedom of Choice


- Long Term Care 

- Home Health Care

- Assisted Living


Eliot D. 

Morro Bay, Ca

I cannot thank Julianne enough for rescuing me from the drudgery of redoing my health insurance plans.


Her kindness, eternal availability, total expertise (impressive!), compassion, and good humor made what I considered an impossible task seem absolutely effortless. 


Make no mistake... If there is an Health Care Insurance Planner Hall of Fame, you are in it. :-))

We love making sure you are all set to enjoy your retirement with good insurance!

Happy People with Good Insurance
Do What YOU Want in Retirement

Medicare Insurance is subject to change per zip code.
The Central Coast is unique in it's coverage and premiums.

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