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About Me


Julianne Dickey,
Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker on the Central Coast

We Care Medicare simplifies the process of Medicare Insurance; explaining it in terms you can understand with a smile.

Hi I'm Julianne. One of the things my mom used to say is:

"I don't collect stamps. I collect people." We used to often talk about how I had become just like her. I love people, their stories, their smiles, their dreams and aspirations. I love listening to people and I love talking to them and sharing wisdom and insights. To me, that is what life is all about and I have to say that I am proud to be just like my Mama in that regards. She had a way with people and I can only hope to I eminate that kind of compassionate care and love for people that she inspired in me and all she touched.

It's the best when I can listen to what people need and then come up with an individualized plan for their health insurance needs all the while making you smile and feeling the care that my Mama instilled in me.

I can't wait to help you understand the products available to you, explain it in terms you can easily understand and make personized recommendations for all your insurance and retirement planning needs.

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