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Complete Financial Services

Financial Security

Retirement planning has four main parts:


1. Health insurance, life insurance (legacy).

2. Investment goals and preparing for the future.

3. We need to help you figure out what holes need to be filled in your retirement plan. 

4. Prepare for your next phase in life.  



~Retirement Income


~Emergency Funds

Protecting Your Health

I always evaluate each person's needs separately. Everyone is so different and so are their insurance needs. I usually evaluate 2 things:

1. Health needs.

2. Affordability. 


~Crtical Illnes

~Medicare; Parts A,B, C and D



Planning Your Estate

Do you know the difference between whole life and term life insurance? Your family depends on you to protect your assets. You are an asset - protect yourself and your family and let's review your needs.


~Final Expenses

~Spousal Support



Preserving Freedom of Choice

It is often said that unless you have experienced Long Term Care personally such as taking care of an aging parent, you cannot fully appreciate the difficulty of the task of being a caregiver. Having a plan for Long Term Care

in an important aspect of retirement planning that often gets over looked because of how hard it is to talk about. We make sure to have those hard conversations so that all family members are on board.


~Long Term Care Insurance

~Home Health Care

~Assisted Living

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